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Be transported to the age of pirates, renegades, rouges and slaves and explore the romance and brutality of the times of Caribbean exploration.

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Explore the streets and buildings of old town Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands on this delightful and educational walking tour.

liva sun,At first glance, Charlotte Amalie seems like any other Caribbean port town filled with the hustle and bustle of modern life and filled with a maze of tourist traps.

But scratch the surface, delve into the backstreets, hidden courtyards and tucked away alleyways and you’ll soon discover there is much more than the well known and well trodden, tourist haunts.

There is history, that is often hidden from all but the most prying of eyes. On our fascinating and insightful walking tours, our mission is to introduce you to the secret and timeless city

Join us on a tour of Charlotte Amalie, get off the beaten path, don’t just wander aimlessly. See uncoming views and hidden gem, back alleys, etc. 

Charlotte Amalie is a fantastic place to live in and to visit. And it has so much to offer to residents and visitors alike. But the only way to really discover the many and varied parts of the city is to walk. When you explore on food, you’re there on the ground, absorbing the atmostphere, taking in the sights and sounds of the vity whitlst at the same time, getting a genuine feel for the 350 years of history in which the streets of Charlotte Amalie are steeped.

Where else can you walk with a world-famous Impressionist painter, be enchanted by African folklore and magic, be terrified by murderous pirates, follow in the footsteps of famous explorers, learn of sunken treasure in the harbour just a short swim away, stand on the same ground as thousands of slaves where their blood and sweat was shed; delve into hidden gardens and alleyways far removed from the modern age; or simply chill out in a 400-year old fort before sipping a drink within the walls of a slave quarters. 

Where else can you turn a corner and suddenly be transported back into the time when the Danish crown ruled the island.  Where the streets and buildings have changed little, if at all, in over two hundred years?

And, the best way to get to these places is by walking. Only on foot can you experience the narrow alleyways and hidden backstreets where this lesser known side of St. Thomas awaits.


Snegle Gade, Charlotte Amalie Step Street

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