Pub Crawl through History Tour – $89 – Adults Only (18 and over)

Let's have some Island Fun!
Crawl through historic downtown Charlotte Amalie's bars and restaurants while exploring its 400 years of history.


Charlotte Amalie is a traditional Caribbean town.

Hidden gardens, alleys, old historic buildings abound.

You will get to wander and explore while learning a little history of the town…but not too much.

This tour is about drinking and enjoying the island life.  Because this is what island living is all about.


Your tour will include visits to several old buildings to soak up the history and alcohol.  All the drinks we’ll enjoy are uniquely tied to the Virgin Islands.

We will sip aged rum, sample local craft beer, and learn how to make one of the most iconic drinks from the islands: The Bushwacker or The Painkiller.

You will leave this tour relaxed, slightly smarter and drunker.

There will be 5 drinks in total included on the tour.
(This is a lot of alcohol.  Please do not drink before coming on this tour.  Also, we ask that you limit yourselves to the drinks provided on the tour.  Our guide has the right and responsibility to refuse drinks to anyone that is intoxicated.

Transportation is included and required unless you have a designated driver.  We will pick you up at your hotel, villa or cruise ship and drop you at the start of the tour.  Your guide will greet you and you’ll jump right in to the tour and the drinking.

After the tour we will provide transportation back to your hotel, villa or cruise ship.


1. Admission to Fort Christian ($10 VALUE)

2. Transportation ($20-$25/PERSON VALUE)

3. Expert guide and guided walking tour ($40 VALUE)

4. (5) Drinks ($40 VALUE)

5. Mixology class with expert mixologist ($15 VALUE)

6. Unlimited complimentary water ($5 VALUE)

7. Food sampling ($9 VALUE)

8. A souvenir postcard that has a commissioned map of Charlotte Amalie ($4 VALUE)

9. Photos and video of your day for download and social sharing ($25 VALUE)


But wait, there’s more…

Bonus Goodies:

As soon as you sign up for the tour we’ll send you our guides:

1. “The Only Beaches You Need to Visit in St. Thomas From a Local”

2. “The Best 8 Hours Imaginable on St. Thomas – Plan the Perfect Day”

3.  You’ll get our weekly newsletter with news and events going on in St. Thomas

4.  Our team will do a shot of rum in your honor and start the countdown until you arrive.

5.  You’ll receive a time line for the day of your tour so you know exactly what to expect so you can plan the rest of your day and activities.

6. Our exclusive hugs – it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

Tour Includes:

– Transportation to and from your hotel, villa or cruise ship

– Guided walking tour with expert guide – they know stuff about everything (most of it’s true)

– Admission to Fort Christian (the only tour in the world that includes admission to the fort)

– Day Drinking!

– 5 drinks and cocktails tied to the Virgin Islands

– Mixology class craft your own world-famous Bushwacker (or Painkiller)

– Exclusive access to hidden garden to relax and drink

– Unlimited complimentary water provided

– Sample of local food to soak up some of that alcohol (this is not a full meal but it will definitely take the edge off)

– We’ll be taking photos and video of the day and will share them with you – you are free to download, share, etc.

Where to Meet:

We will come to you.  Just let us know where you are staying and we’ll pick you up!

What to Bring:

-Sobriety (we will be drinking a decent amount of alcohol so you can’t come preloaded)
-Cash for gratuities for drivers, bartenders and guides (no required, but definitely welcome and appreciated)
-Sunscreen – we will be outside for parts of the walk
-Cell phone or camera (we will be taking and sharing photos and video of the day as well)
-Excitement – we are thrilled to have you and will feed off your enthusiasm
-Open mind – maybe you aren’t a rum drinker or beer drinker but on this tour we want you to be willing to try new and different drinks

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